Lab Members

Graduate Students

Ryan Boileau

Graduate Student, DSCB

As an undergraduate at the University of Oregon Ryan developed a passion for science by conducting research in a couple of labs: First studying human muscle metabolism in Hans Dreyer’s lab and then investigating mechanisms of asymmetric cell division in the lab of Ken Prehoda. After graduation he moved to the Bay Area to work as a technician with David Bilder at UC Berkeley exploring the intersection of cell polarity and epithelial tumorigenesis in Drosophila. Now as a member of the DSCB graduate program and the Blelloch Lab Ryan is interested in the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation that govern cell fate transitions. Outside of lab he enjoys running, climbing, reading, concert(ing), chips&salsa, and being from Portland OR before it was cool.


Graduate Student - BMS Program

Born in Durham, North Carolina, TJ returned to his hometown for his undergraduate studies at Duke University. There, he studied biophysics and volunteered in the laboratory of Dr. John Willis to investigate how yellow monkey flowers adapt to drought. TJ has also worked in the laboratory of Dr. Ronald DePinho at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where he helped determine that mechanisms driving terminal differentiation are neutralized during gliomagenesis. TJ is now a Ph.D. candidate in the Blelloch laboratory with broad interests in the tumor microenvironment as well as membrane trafficking. Specifically, he is studying mechanisms of miRNA sorting and secretion in prostate cancer. In his spare time, TJ enjoys squash, golf, investing, and cooking.

Junior Specialists/SRAs

Brandon Chu, Junior Specialist

Brandon Chu

Junior Specialist

Brandon first joined the lab as a volunteer working with Raga to understand how FoxD3 regulates ES cells.  After graduation, he joined Cassie on the prostate cancer biomarker project.  He is also working with TJ and Mauro to understand the role of exosomes in cancer.