Lab Members

Junior Specialists/SRAs

Brandon Chu, Junior Specialist

Brandon Chu

Junior Specialist

Brandon first joined the lab as a volunteer working with Raga to understand how FoxD3 regulates ES cells.  After graduation, he joined Cassie on the prostate cancer biomarker project.  He is also working with TJ and Mauro to understand the role of exosomes in cancer.

Jennifer Swindlehurst Chan

Junior Specialist
[email protected]

Jennifer joined the Blelloch Lab as a Junior Specialist in 2019.  She is working with Brian to study cell cycle regulated gene expression in development.

Kayla Lenshoek

Lab Technician
[email protected]

Kayla joined the Blelloch lab as a Technician in 2019.  She is working with Deniz to study the role of FoxD3 in transcriptional regulation.